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Samantha Breslauer

Hebrew University Lab

“This past semester I worked as a research assistant at a computerized neurotherapy lab. I was involved with aiding in neuro stimulation treatment to youth with ADHD to help improve their condition as an alternative to medication. This experience has given me the opportunity to work with patients despite coronavirus. I was also given more responsibility to lead research analysis and conduct experiments. This is something that I would have never had the opportunity to partake in at my university in the U.S."


Jonah Lubow


“Working at OurCrowd has been a great experience so far! I work on OurCrowd's portfolio management team, helping to ensure that startup companies are dealt with properly after receiving investments. My responsibilities allow me to interact with big names in the venture capital field, and get a behind the scenes look at how VC firms operate. I'm truly passionate about my work and excited to learn skills that will help me as an aspiring professional.”

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Lexi Shafa


“This semester I interned at Bishvilaych, the first and only nonprofit women’s health organization in Israel. Bishvilaych’s mission is to provide preventive medical care, educate others, and initiate outreach to other health care professionals. My role at Bishvilaych was very fulfilling as I had the opportunity to meet with and learn from doctors, patients, nurses, nutritionists, and other leaders. I analyzed public health in Israel and how effective it is in preventing and treating diseases that are rampant amongst women. It is a true honor to have the opportunity to work side by side the inspiring women at Bishvilaych.”

Avigail Winokur NY Yeshiva University (1

Abigail Winokur

Hebrew University Lab

”I'm really grateful that I've been able to spend this semester in Israel. I've met so many great people, have an awesome internship, and am enjoying my time here so much that I'm staying this spring! My internship this semester has been with Dr. Elyakim Kislev through Rothberg, I get the opportunity to write articles that he publishes on Psychology Today, which isn't something I've been able to do through any other undergraduate program. Thank you to Rimon and Rothberg for making this (and the whole semester) happen.”

“Working at Mecomi during the semester was truly a major highlight. As a new company, I was given a major role & responsibility and was able to connect with and work with co-workers on all their teams. It was amazing to learn about how a startup really “starts-up” in the business scene, and what goes into creating, launching, and running a business. In addition, being able to partake in this from Jerusalem made the entire experience that much more unique and special. I felt empowered by this internship to discover my personal potential and how companies operate as a team collectively."


Noa Mintz



Sophie Samuels


“This semester I worked as a marketing intern at HilmaTech. HilmaTech is a hi-tech non-profit NGO that develops applications & programs to improve education, health, & welfare for the broader population. Working at Hilmatech as a marketing intern was a very fulfilling experience. Not only was I given the opportunity to see first hand the way that Israel is creating innovations to benefit the world, I also really felt like I was actually contributing it, rather than simply following someone around and saying I “worked” there. I am glad to not only have this on my resume but for the experience of working with actual people in the non-profit, start up world. I’m so thankful that Rimon Fellows gave me this opportunity.”

Jacob Korman NY Yeshiva University (5).j

Jacob Korman


“In the midst of this pandemic, I was able to come to Israel through Rimon Fellows and have the opportunity to gain real work experience by interning at Israeli startup, Orcam. I was able to create reports for several countries via access to OrCam's World Report. It was a truly unique experience that I know will allow me to continue to build my career!”

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