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What is Rimon Fellows?

Rimon Fellows is an exciting study abroad program based in Jerusalem and associated with Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Join all of your friends from your gap year for an amazing opportunity to reconnect with Israel, your friends, and your seminary or yeshiva.

Study Abroad for Full Credits

Internship Placement

Accredited Travel Course to Rome

Exciting Programming

Scholarships available

Warm Community

 "Rimon has given me an amazing opportunity to foster new friendships. The students on this program are all growth oriented, academically and religiously, and are always looking to have a great time as well. The community that has been created on this program is remarkable and unbreakable." - Jake Korman, Rimon Student

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What is
Studying Abroad?

If you’re studying in any university, you’re probably eligible to spend a semester studying abroad. Rimon Fellows is a study abroad program exclusively geared towards Modern-Orthodox students who are passionate about returning to Israel without missing out on their college work. This is your chance to explore Israel as a mature adult, experience what Aliyah may look like, and reconnect.

Why Should I Join
Rimon Fellows?

Joining Rimon Fellows is your opportunity to spend an incredible semester in Israel with all of your friends from your yeshiva/seminary, reconnect with the staff and teachers, and take a break from typical college life. You will take classes through Hebrew University, and get the incredible opportunity to travel to Rome for a week while earning credit.

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